December Fantasy 5 prizes made perfect Christmas gifts for winners!

Fantasy 5The first day of December started off with a bang in 2012, with two winning tickets being sold for the $105,000 Fantasy 5 jackpot. It was almost as if Santa was letting the Lottery help him with his list this year because the Fantasy 5 jackpot was won 10 times before December 25 yielding those lucky Michigan Lottery players over $1.1 million!

The winner of the December 3 drawing who claimed $105,000 is using his winnings to reopen his personal business. “This win came just in time! Due to the economy I had to close my business earlier this year.”  This ticket was purchased at Frontier Market located at 149 Beadle Lake Rd., in Battle Creek.

Kenneth Duckworth of Clio won $105,000 in the December 14 drawing. He purchased the ticket at the Clio Fraternal Order of Eagles, where he is a member. The Clio FOE is located at 13267 N. Saginaw Rd., in Saginaw. A “Golden Anniversary” party is among Duckworth’s plans for the winnings.

December 19 drawing made another winner $100,000 richer! She bought her winning ticket at The Little Store on the Corner, located at 6020 Fort Rd., in Saginaw. A new car is the first thing on her list to get with her Fantasy 5 prize money!

Closing out our 10 days of Fantasy 5 jackpot winners is the claimant of the December 23 drawings jackpot.  The second largest of the December jackpots, $131,393 was claimed by a couple who celebrated 54 Christmases together in 2012. Their prize money is going directly to the bank so they can comfortably enjoy many more Christmases together for years to come.  The 7-Eleven, located at 3461 Airport Rd., in Waterford sold this ticket.

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