U.P. winner of $250,000 vows not to splurge!

Keno! $250,000A resident of the Upper Peninsula, from the little town of Gwinn, won the KENO! jackpot of $250,000 on October 25. However, circumstances kept him from claiming his prize for 12 days.  “I was so worried about where to keep the ticket, I went and put it in a safe deposit box,” said the player.

The player, who doesn’t wish to release his name, at first found the situation unbelievable. “I called the Lottery’s 800 number three times to listen to those numbers again. Then I called my sister and asked her to call and listen. It took about seven days before it finally sank in,” he said.

The player plans to be low-key about his good fortune. “I’m not going to splurge,” he said. “I’m going to keep working and pay off my bills.” However, Lottery staff did get the player to concede that there might be a flat screen TV in his future!

The winning ticket was sold at Quik Food Mart #34 located at 2782 US Highway 41 West in Marquette.

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