Lottery drawing set, equipment to change

LANSING, October 3, 2008 – Fans of the Michigan Lottery’s televised drawings will soon notice some dramatic changes in the popular show.

Beginning on October 6, the backdrop of the drawings will change on a rotating basis to feature a variety of themes. Among the content will be Lottery games currently being promoted; a focus on the Lottery’s beneficiary, public education, with comments from Michigan teachers; and a look at Michigan landmarks. The current set has been used since 2005.

“Our televised drawings are a cornerstone of our business,” said Lottery Commissioner Scott Bowen. “We are happy to be able to incorporate a whole new feel into them and bring our audience a fresh, new look.”

Although it will not be as dramatic as the set change, new Daily 3 and Daily 4 drawing equipment will also be in place. The current drawing equipment has been used since 1996 and given the advances in technology, the decision was made to replace it with more updated machines. However, Bowen said, the Lottery was careful to make sure it did not stray too far from the design of the current equipment, since Daily 3 and 4 players are very comfortable with it.

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