Five more Millionaire Raffle winners claim prizes

LANSING, July 16, 2007 ? The players just keep coming forward as five more lucky Millionaire Raffle winners claimed prizes at Lottery headquarters in Lansing on Monday.

Dennes Vien of Negaunee made the trip down to Lansing to collect the $100,000 he won on a ticket purchased at Buck’s Party Store in Negaunee. The 41 year-old corrections officer, who has been playing the Lottery for 10 years, said his largest previous prize was $100. He plans to use the winnings to pay off his mortgage.

Muskegon winner Mary Kramer ?jumped up and down” when she realized she was a $100,000 winner, especially because she thought she won $500, then $10,000. The regular Lottery winner purchased her ticket at The Patio in Muskegon.

A Berrien Springs Lottery club is $100,000 richer thanks to a ticket purchased at Hardings Market in Berrien Springs. The winners’ plans for the money include paying bills, remodeling a kitchen and taking a trip to Las Vegas.

An anonymous Detroit winner, who works for Daimler-Chrysler, claimed a $100,000 prize on a ticket purchased at Hayes Market in Southfield.

An anonymous winner who purchased a lucky ticket at Vic’s Market in Vassar claimed a $100,000 prize.

Prior to today, nine other winners of either $1 million or $100,000 have claimed their prizes:

Daniel Poole Sr. of Jackson, $100,000; Calleen Neidling of Elmira, $100,000; Lucky Smith Woods Lottery Club from Battle Creek, $100,000; and About Time Lottery Club from Coleman, $1 million. One anonymous winner has claimed a $100,000 prize and four have claimed prizes of $1 million.

The Millionaire Raffle drew numbers for six prizes of $1 million each; 12 prizes of $100,000 each; and 2,000 prizes of $500 each. Only 600,000 tickets, at $20 each, were sold for the drawing, giving the game the best odds ever offered by the Michigan Lottery to win $1 million.

All proceeds from the Lottery are contributed to the state School Aid Fund which supports kindergarten through 12th grade public education in Michigan. In fiscal year 2006, the contribution was $688 million.

For additional information, please visit the Lottery’s Web site at

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