Increased sales boost jackpot again

LANSING, February 28, 2006 – There’s just no stopping the Mega Millions jackpot!  Due to an increase in sales, tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is an estimated $267 million!

Our players are excited about the game and we are thrilled to keep the jackpots climbing!  We would love to award $267 million to a lucky Michigan player,” said Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters.

If one winning ticket matches all six numbers in tonight’s drawing and the player has selected annuity payments over 26 years, the $267 million jackpot would amount to pre-tax payments of roughly:

  • $10.2 million per year
  • $197,485 per week
  • $28,134 per day

For those who prefer to take their cash winnings up-front, it’s a pretty nice payday as well.  A winner matching all six numbers will take home a check for approximately $159 million (before taxes), the estimated present cash value of tonight’s $267 million jackpot!

To play Mega Millions, players pick five numbers and one Gold Mega Ball number or players can mark “Easy Pick” on the play slip and the computer will randomly pick the numbers.  Up to 10 panels per ticket can be played, and each wager is $1.

Mega Millions tickets are available in Michigan, California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington. 

For more information, visit the Mega Millions Web site at:

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