Michigan Lottery Introduces Daily 3 & 4 Daily Double Game! Plays Just Like the Daily 3 & 4 – But Pays Out Even More!

LANSING, April 13, 2004 – The Michigan Lottery’s Daily 3 and 4 games are very popular with players all across the state.  In fact, combined, Daily 3 & 4 game sales comprise approximately 42 percent of the Lottery’s total ticket sales each year!

Daily DoubleSince the Daily games started in the late 1970s and early 1980s, players have enjoyed playing their favorite numbers each day.  Now, with the introduction of the Daily 3 & 4 Daily Double game, players will have the opportunity to win both instantly and in the daily drawings!

With Daily Double, Michigan Lottery Daily 3 and 4 game players will have the chance to experience winning instantly while they wait for their special numbers to be drawn.  Players who purchase a Daily 3 or Daily 4 straight, boxed or two-way ticket can ask for the Daily Double play for an additional dollar.

When playing Daily Double, two sets of three-digit numbers (for Daily 3) or four-digit numbers (for Daily 4) are printed at the bottom of the player’s ticket.  The first set of numbers is the player’s original wager for the regular drawing.  The second set of numbers is that ticket’s Daily Double number, randomly drawn through the Lottery terminal.  If a player’s Daily Double numbers match according to the bet type selected, they win instantly.  Players can win up to $600 instantly in the Daily 3 and $6,000 instantly in the Daily 4 when they choose to play Daily Double.

Prizes in the Daily Double game are an average of 20 percent more than those paid out for the regular Daily Games.  The odds of winning in the Daily Double game are the same as for the Daily 3 & 4 Games.  Players can redeem their Daily Double prize immediately and receive a reissue ticket good for their regular Daily 3 or Daily 4 drawing.

“Daily Double is a great extension to our already very popular Daily games,” Michigan Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters said.  “We are very excited about this new game and expect it to be a big hit with our players.” 
Sales of Daily Double tickets will begin on Sunday, April 25, 2004.  Daily 3 and 4 game drawings are held twice a day – midday (12:59 p.m.) and evening (7:28 p.m.), seven days per week.  Tickets will be available at the more than 7,000 Lottery retailers statewide.

The launch of Daily Double is accompanied by a statewide television, radio and newspaper advertising campaign.

For a complete Daily Double media kit, visit the Lottery’s Web site at www.michigan.gov/lottery.

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