Grand Rapids Woman Strikes It Rich With Lottery's "Lifetime of Cash" Instant Game!

LANSING, July 30, 2002 – A lucky Grand Rapids woman is rolling in dough after scratching off a Michigan Lottery "Lifetime of Cash" instant ticket worth $1,000-a-week for life!

Due to a federal law that went into effect in 2000, the winner was given the option of taking her prize payment in one lump sum, instead of as equal yearly payments for the rest of her life.

The winner, who requested anonymity, chose to take the prize payment in a one-time lump sum payment of $750,000—the present cash value of the game’s top prize, before taxes. The cash value of the prize was determined by looking at the average prize value (based on life expectancy of prize claimants) of $1,000-a-week prizes awarded in past Michigan Lottery games of this type.

The winning ticket was purchased at Parkside Foods, 1153 W. Fulton St., in Grand Rapids.

"I scratched off the ticket at home," the winner said. "I knew right away that I had won the top prize. My husband had just gone upstairs to go to bed and when I told him I had won, he said, ‘You expect me to sleep now?’ I was shocked and surprised to win such a large prize. I had dreamt that I would win, and a psychic recently told me I would soon win a Lottery prize."

The lucky lady, a faithful Michigan Lottery instant game player for the past 20 years, told Lottery officials she kept the ticket in a Bible in her home at all times to ensure its safety before turning it in at Lottery headquarters in Lansing. The winner said she plans to use part of her winnings to pay bills, but is unsure what she will do with the rest. However, there is no doubt she and her husband will enjoy their recent windfall!

"We are still in shock over winning such a big prize," the winner said. "It all seems so unreal!"

The winner encourages other Lottery hopefuls to "just keep trying!"

"Lifetime of Cash" is just one of many Michigan Lottery instant games available at more than 9,000 Lottery retailers statewide.

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