Michigan Lottery Introduces New Daily 3 & 4 EXTRA Game! Players Will Win On The Spot For Just $1 Extra!

LANSING, April 10, 2002 – The Michigan Lottery’s Daily 3 and 4 games are very popular with players all across the state. In fact, combined, Daily 3 & 4 game sales comprise approximately 43 percent of the Lottery’s total ticket sales each year!

Since the Daily games started in the late 1970s and early 1980s, players have enjoyed playing their favorite numbers each day. Now, with the introduction of the EXTRA game, players will have the opportunity to win both "on the spot" and in the daily drawings!

With EXTRA, Michigan Lottery Daily 3 and 4 game players will have the chance to experience winning instantly while they wait for their special numbers to be drawn. Players who purchase a Daily 3 or Daily 4 ticket can ask for the EXTRA play for an additional dollar. The three EXTRA numbers for the Daily 3, or four EXTRA numbers for the Daily 4, are randomly chosen and printed at the bottom of the ticket, with a certain prize amount listed underneath each number. Players can win up to $500 instantly by matching the EXTRA numbers that are in the same position as the Daily 3 or Daily 4 numbers that they played for the regular drawings.

For example, if a player plays "176" as his or her Daily 3 numbers and has 1 (with a $50 prize underneath); 5 (with $5 underneath) and 6 (with $50 underneath) as his or her EXTRA numbers, he or she wins $100 instantly because his or her EXTRA numbers matched the 1 and the 6 of his or her Daily 3 number. Players can redeem their prize immediately and receive a reissue ticket good for their regular Daily 3 or Daily 4 drawing.

"EXTRA is a great extension to our already very popular Daily games," Acting Michigan Lottery Commissioner James Kipp said.  "In the past, the only games we have offered in which players could win cash prizes instantly were our scratch-off games. Now, with EXTRA, players can win instantly with our on-line games as well!
We are very excited about this new game and expect it to be a big hit with our players."

EXTRA is as easy as 1,2,3 to play:
1. Play your Daily numbers.
2. Buy the EXTRA ticket.
3. Match exactly and WIN ON THE SPOT!

EXTRA offers overall odds of winning a cash prize of 1 in 5.92. With instant prizes from $2 to $500, Lottery players from Detroit to Houghton will be asking for an EXTRA ticket!

Sales of EXTRA tickets will begin on Thursday, May 16, 2002. Daily 3 and 4 game drawings are held twice a day – midday (12:59 p.m.) and evening (7:28 p.m.), six days per week — Monday through Saturday. Tickets will be available at the more than 7,000 Lottery retailers statewide.

The launch of EXTRA is accompanied by a statewide television and radio advertising campaign.


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