"44 Numbers" Lottery Club of Ohio Collects $150,000 Big Game Prize!

LANSING, September 13, 2001 – The 44 members of the “44 Numbers” Lottery club of Upper Sandusky, Ohio were ecstatic upon learning that they had matched the first five numbers in the August 28 Big Game drawing to win a $150,000 prize! That day’s winning numbers were: 10, 29, 39, 47, 50 and the Big Money Ball number was 35.

Club members, who work together at Dana Coupled Products and have only been playing The Big Game as a club for two weeks, include:

  • Michael Barnett of Carey, OH
  • Roy Bilger of Bucyrus, OH
  • Melvin Blair of Harpster, OH
  • Sandra Blair or Harpster, OH
  • Kenneth Brooks of Kenton, OH
  • Christine Brose of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Arthur Cobb of Nevada, OH
  • Kristine Coe of McCutchenville, OH
  • John Fritz of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Sue Greilich of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Ronald Grubbs of Kenton, OH
  • Barbara Higgins of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Stephen Hoover of Nevada, OH
  • Timothy Hoy of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Wendy Hushour of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Diane Kelbley of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Paulette Long of Forest, OH
  • Ronald Long of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Sue Magers of McCutchenville, OH
  • Mitch Manns of Dunkirk, OH
  • Jack Marshall of Marion, OH
  • Jessica Messmer of Harpster, OH
  • Gary Miller of Kenton, OH
  • Amy Mitchell of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Angela Newhouse of Nevada, OH
  • Dan Newman of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Teresa Newman of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Loren Nichols of Carey, OH
  • Paul Peacock of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Velma Potts of Nevada, OH
  • Dana Rall of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Ernest Scott of Kenton, OH
  • Melody Shoemaker of Kenton, OH
  • Darlene Shumaker of Upper Sandusky, OH
  • Randy Snook of Sycamore, OH
  • Shelly Steinmetz of Wharton, OH
  • James Stroub of Carey, OH
  • Cathie Sweitzer of Bloomville, OH
  • Kevin Thiel of Forest, OH
  • Frank Troiano of Bloomville, OH
  • Debra Ward of Nevada, OH
  • Tracy Wentling of Carey, OH
  • James White of Forest, OH
  • Larry Zoll of Upper Sandusky, OH

“The club member who checked the winning numbers on the Lottery’s Web site (www.state.mi.us/milottery) was so excited about winning that he could not sleep,” said Kenneth Brooks, the club’s representative. “He called the other club members to share the news and everyone was ecstatic!”

The winning Big Game “easy pick” ticket was purchased at 23 Fuel Stop, 6260 Sterns Road,

in Ottawa Lake. The club members placed the lucky ticket in a safe deposit box prior to turning it in at Lottery headquarters in Lansing. The club members have a variety of plans for their winnings, including paying bills, investing for the future, shopping for Christmas gifts and one club member plans to “celebrate by throwing a big party!”

Club members offered the following words of wisdom to other Lottery hopefuls: “You have to play to win!”

The Big Game is a multistate lottery game in Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Wagers cost $1 each and tickets may be purchased at more than 7,000 Michigan Lottery retailers statewide. Big Game drawings are conducted every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m.


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