Carol Taylor of Clarkston Wins $7,088 Jackpot Share in Lottery's July 17 Michigan Rolldown Drawing!

LANSING, July 31, 2000 — Carol Taylor of Clarkston was one of three jackpot winners in the July 17 Michigan Rolldown drawing, earning her $7,088 — one-third of the $21,264 jackpot prize pool! The winning numbers for that drawing were: 4, 6, 18, 19 and 31. The other two lucky ticket-holders,

Illene Goike of Dearborn Heights and Dominic Iannuzzi of Warren have already claimed their Michigan Rolldown jackpot prizes from that drawing.

The total jackpot prize pool for the July 17 drawing was $21,264, so each jackpot winner received $7,088, before taxes. In total for the July 17 Rolldown drawing, there were 23,313 winners who shared $72,056 in prizes. In addition to the three jackpot winners, there were 82 winners who matched four numbers for a prize of $106; 2,359 winners who matched three numbers for a prize of $9; and 20,869 winners who matched two numbers for the $1 prize.

The 54-year-old winner said she was shocked to learn she had won a share of the jackpot!

“I was watching the drawing and saw my numbers come up,” Taylor said. “I was completely shocked! I started shaking because I was so surprised!”

Taylor said she picked her own winning number combination based upon the birthdays of her children, boyfriend and herself. Prior to turning the winning Michigan Rolldown ticket in at the Lottery

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