Judith Harden of Westland Cashes In On Lottery's "Casino Nights" Instant Game!

LANSING, June 14, 2000 — Judith Harden of Westland recently experienced a little Lottery luck when she scratched off a Michigan Lottery "Casino Nights" instant ticket to reveal she had won a $100,000 prize!

The retiree purchased the winning ticket at Scotty’s Discount Party Store, 35812 Ford Road, in Westland.

"I was sitting at home when I scratched off the ticket," Harden said. "My husband and son were both sleeping. When I realized I had won I tried to wake them up. My husband stirred a little but didn’t quite wake up. I screamed, ‘I think I won $100,000!’ My husband immediately jumped off the couch when he heard that!"

The lucky lady said she enjoys playing the wide variety of Michigan Lottery games offered, adding that she has been a regular for the past 27 years.

Prior to turning the winning ticket in at Lottery headquarters in Lansing, the winner said she kept it in a safe. Harden said she is not yet sure what she will do with her winnings. She added that she considers the money to be a "nest egg" and will figure out what she wants to do with it later.

The winner offered the following words of encouragement to other Lottery hopefuls: "It does happen, but you have to buy a ticket to win!"

"Casino Nights" is one of many Michigan Lottery instant tickets available at more than 9,300 Michigan Lottery retailers statewide.


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