Tuesday's Big Game Continues Record Climb! Jackpot Now Sits at an Estimated $325 Million!

LANSING, May 8, 2000 – After no one matched all six numbers in Friday night’s Big Game drawing (6-8-16-30-32 gold ball 26), the estimated jackpot for Tuesday, May 9 was set at
$300 million – a new U.S. lottery record.

Today, the Big Game directors are excited to announce yet another lottery milestone: Tuesday’s estimated jackpot level has been increased to $325 million, thanks to soaring Big Game ticket sales!

"This far exceeds anything we expected when The Big Game first started," said Michigan Lottery Commissioner Don Gilmer."Jackpot fever has hit Michigan and all the Big Game states; it will be fun to see what happens Tuesday night!"

Although no one collected the estimated $230 million jackpot in the May 5 drawing, there were 43 tickets that correctly matched the first five numbers for a prize of $150,000. Six of those tickets were sold by Michigan Lottery retailers:

  • Matthew’s Liquor, 6400 Summit St., in Erie (Monroe County)
  • Woodward Palmer, 5730 Woodward Ave., in Detroit (Wayne County)
  • Cox Beer Store, 6201 Lewis Ave., in Temperance (Monroe County)
  • The Cellars, 150 W. Congress St., #12, in Detroit (Wayne County)
  • Demonds Super Valu, 237 Center St., in Douglas (Allegan County)
  • Country Deli & Wine Shop, 7341 N. Lilley Road, in Canton (Wayne County)

If one winning ticket matches all six numbers in Tuesday night’s drawing and the player has selected annuity payments over 26 years, the $325 million jackpot would amount to pre-tax payments of roughly:

  • $12.5 million per year;
  • $240,384 per week; or
  • $34,340 per day!

For those who prefer to take their cash winnings up-front, it’s an exceptional payday as well. If one lucky cash-option player matches all six winning numbers, he or she will take home a check for approximately $161 million (before taxes), the estimated present cash value of Tuesday’s $325,000,000 jackpot. (The Michigan Lottery is required by law to withhold estimated federal tax of 28 percent and estimated state tax of 4.2 percent, on any prize over $5,000.)

Big Game tickets are available in Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Tuesday’s drawing will be conducted at 11 p.m. and broadcast on cable superstation WGN out of Chicago as well as a network of Michigan stations (check local listings). For more information, you can also visit The Big Game’s new Web site at:


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