Largest Lottery Jackpot in the Nation at $110 Million! The Big Game Takes a Big Step Up For Tuesday's Drawing!

LANSING, August 2, 1999 — The biggest talk around the water cooler Tuesday morning is bound to be about The Big Game, the multistate lottery game with a just-increased jackpot of $110 million for Tuesday night’s drawing!

"Ticket sales continue to climb in each of our states and the Big Game directors today decided to increase the expected jackpot for tomorrow night’s drawing," said Michigan Lottery Commissioner Don Gilmer. "This is the second time that we’ve surpassed the $100 million mark, so things are pretty exciting around here!"

The Big Game is comprised of seven state lotteries including those in Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. The current $110 million jackpot has continued to roll since June 8, when one ticket sold in Massachusetts matched all six winning numbers for a $14 million jackpot.

If one lucky Michigan player holds the only ticket to match all six winning Big Game numbers, it would be the largest jackpot ever won in Michigan Lottery history! The largest jackpot ever claimed by a Michigan-sold ticket was $45.6 million, claimed in the January 24, 1997 Big Game drawing by the 17-member "Friends Forever" lottery club of Jackson.

Tuesday night’s $110 million jackpot provides some interesting numbers to crunch; one winning ticket collected as an annuity prize would amount, before taxes, to approximately:

            • $4.2 million per year for 26 years
            • $81,300 per week for 26 years
            • $11,600 per day for 26 years!


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