Wayne County Woman Wins $4 Million Playing the Michigan Lottery’s Millionaire’s Club Instant Game

A $4 million dream came true for a Wayne County woman who won $4 million playing the Michigan Lottery’s Millionaire’s Club instant game.

“I know it sounds crazy, but about four months ago I had a dream that I won $4 million playing scratch offs,” said the player, who chose to remain anonymous. “Ever since, I’ve bought $30 tickets whenever I’ve had the chance.

“I scratched the Millionaire’s Club ticket off and as soon as I saw the win symbol, I got really excited. When I scratched off the prize and saw ‘4MIL,’ I couldn’t stop shaking and crying. I called my friend right away and asked him to come double check the ticket for me.”

She bought her winning ticket at the Valero gas station, located at 3801 West Vernor Highway in Detroit.

The 28-year-old player recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim her prize. She chose to receive her prize and a one-time lump sum payment of about $2.5 million, rather than an annuity for the full amount. With her winnings, she plans to pay off her student loans, set up college funds for her children, buy a new home, and then invest the remainder.

“Winning this at my age is such an incredible opportunity for me and my family. I’m going to make good decisions so that I have this money for years to come,” she said.

Players have won more than $126 million playing Millionaire’s Club, which launched in June 2017. Each $30 ticket offers players a chance to win prizes ranging from $30 up to $4 million. More than $24 million in prizes remain, including one $4 million top prize, five $10,000 prizes, and 53 $2,000 prizes.

Lottery instant games may be purchased at 11,000 retailers across the state.

In 2018, Lottery players won more than $1 billion playing instant games.

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Saginaw County Educator Wins Excellence in Education Award from the Michigan Lottery

Kevin Bidwell (right) poses for a photo with Michigan Lottery public relations director, Jeff Holyfield, after accepting his Excellence in Education Award.

Kevin Bidwell (right) poses for a photo with Michigan Lottery public relations director, Jeff Holyfield, after accepting his Excellence in Education Award.

A Saginaw County educator known for providing individual attention to students to help them reach their full potential and for encouraging female students to enter technology and engineering fields has been honored with an Excellence in Education award from the Michigan Lottery.

The award winner, Kevin Bidwell, teaches industrial technology at Heritage High School, which is part of the Saginaw Township Community Schools district.

The Michigan Lottery established the Excellence in Education awards in 2014 to recognize outstanding public school educators across the state during the school year.

Winners of the weekly award receive a plaque, a $1,500 cash prize, and a $500 grant to their classroom, school or school district.  One of the weekly winners will be selected as the Educator of the Year and will receive a $10,000 cash prize.

Each winner also is featured in a news segment on the Lottery’s media partner stations:  WXYZ-TV in Detroit, FOX 17 in Grand Rapids, FOX 47 in Lansing, and WNEM-TV in Saginaw. The news segment featuring Bidwell will air this evening in Grand Rapids and Lansing, on Thursday in Saginaw and Detroit.

Bidwell said he was attracted to a career in education because “I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. Working in a classroom like mine offers a unique opportunity to do that.”

He said that his favorite part of being an educator is “watching a student gain a skill that requires hard work and persistence.”

Bidwell said that his students motivate him to do his best every day.  “Students work hard in the classroom to do their best and I want to provide the best opportunity for my students.”

Kevin Bidwell is interviewed after being presented with an Excellence in Education award from the Michigan Lottery.

Kevin Bidwell is interviewed after being presented with an Excellence in Education award from the Michigan Lottery.

A former student nominated Bidwell for the Excellence in Education award, saying: “He caters to every one of his student’s individual interests and needs, ensuring they meet their full potential and have fun while doing it.”

She wrote that she’s in her senior year of college and plans to graduate in May with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and already has accepted a job offer.  “Mr. Bidwell heavily influenced my path in life, a path that I previously thought was not an option for me as a young woman. With 15 percent of engineers being women and approximately 8 percent of mechanical engineers being women, I am confident that Mr. Bidwell will help increase those percentages.

“I am just one example. I know of many former classmates who have and are going on to become engineers, welders, machinists, or into related fields because of the personal touch Mr. Bidwell adds to his teaching style. To this day, I remember just how busy he was.  There were always students trailing behind him, needing his help constantly. Despite how busy he was, never seeming to have a moment to himself, he always took the time to cater to each one of us.

“You would think that once the school day was done that he would finally get a moment to breathe, however, it was quite the opposite. Many students would spend their time after school working on their projects, sharpening their skills, and expanding their knowledge. I was one of these students. Now, more than three years after graduating from high school, I remember and appreciate the time, effort, and energy Mr. Bidwell spent towards all his students on a daily basis, but especially me.

“Entering high school, I was incredibly shy, lacked self-esteem, and doubted nearly everything I did or even said, assuming people wouldn’t care or notice. Being one of a handful of female students in his classes, it was incredibly intimidating at times.

“Through the years, Mr. Bidwell helped me to find my passion and took the time to not only teach, but mentor me. One of my proudest moments in life was winning first place in a state competition for something I made in his class. This was the moment my life shifted forever, and I gained the confidence to pursue engineering without a single doubt. I know I would not be where I am today without Mr. Bidwell and for that, I am grateful beyond words.”

Bidwell earned a bachelor’s degree from Saginaw Valley State University.  He has been an educator for eight years, all with the Saginaw Township Community Schools.

Excellence in Education award nominees are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Excellence – Their work consistently helps students and/or their schools or school districts advance to higher levels of academic achievement.
  • Dedication – They consistently go above and beyond expectations to help students succeed.
  • Inspiration – Their work inspires others around them to exceed expectations either academically or professionally.
  • Leadership – They demonstrate clear leadership skills in their positions with their school or school districts.
  • Effectiveness – The nominee’s work has clear and positive results on the educational advancement of students within the school or school district.
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Jackson Man Wins $114,774 Club Keno The Jack Prize from the Michigan Lottery

A Jackson man still can’t believe that he is the winner of a $114,774  Club Keno The Jack prize.

Terry Trolz, 24, won the big prize when his easy pick The Jack numbers – 10-18-35-37-40-44-58-65 – matched eight of the 20 Club Keno numbers drawn in draw 1680105. He bought his winning ticket at the Minnow Bucket, located at 6015 Ann Arbor Road in Jackson.

“I walked in the store and saw a few of the numbers I usually play had hit,” said Trolz. “I also noticed how high The Jack was, so I decided to buy a ticket.

“When I saw that all eight of my Jack numbers came out, I couldn’t believe it. I thought the ticket was somehow printed wrong or that the screen was showing the wrong numbers because I just couldn’t believe that I had actually won.”

The player recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim the big prize. He plans to save his winnings.

The Jack is a Club Keno add-on game that players may add to their Club Keno wager for as little as $1 per draw. With The Jack, players get eight easy pick numbers to match to the Club Keno numbers drawn. Players may win prizes ranging from $1 to the jackpot. The jackpot starts at $10,000 and grows until it is won. To win the jackpot, players must match all eight numbers.

Club Keno may be played at the 11,000 Lottery retailers across the state. Drawings take place every three and a half minutes. Results and live drawings may be found online at http://www.michiganlottery.com.

In 2017, Lottery players won about $423 million playing Club Keno, The KICKER, and The Jack.

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$1 Million Mega Millions Ticket Expires; Prize Goes to State School Aid Fund

A $1 million Mega Millions ticket expired today and the prize went to the state School Aid Fund.

The ticket expired at 4:45 p.m. It was purchased at the CVS Pharmacy, located at 3090 Carpenter Road in Ypsilanti.

Mega Millions tickets are valid for one year from the date of the drawing. Because March 2 fell on a Saturday, the ticket expired today.

It was the second major prize to go unclaimed in 2019. In January, a $250,000 Powerball prize went unclaimed.

The record for an unclaimed Lottery prize in Michigan is $34 million. It was set in 1998, when a winning Michigan Lotto game ticket, purchased at the Meijer located at 1350 West Lake Lansing Road in East Lansing, went unclaimed.

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Only a Few Hours Left to Claim $1 Million Mega Millions Prize With Ticket from Ypsilanti Retailer

MSL MegaMillions LogoOnly a few hours are left for someone to claim a $1 million Mega Millions prize or it goes to the state School Aid Fund! The ticket expires at 4:45 p.m. today.

A lucky player matched the five white balls – 24-28-42-60-64 – drawn March 2, 2018 to win $1 million. The player purchased the winning ticket at the CVS Pharmacy, located at 3090 Carpenter Road in Ypsilanti.

The winner should contact the Michigan Lottery Public Relations Division at (517) 373-1237 to schedule an appointment to collect the big prize. The prize must be claimed at the Lottery’s headquarters in Lansing.

Mega Millions tickets are valid for one year from the drawing date. Since March 2 falls on a Saturday, the prize must be claimed by 4:45 p.m. today.

If the prize isn’t claimed before the ticket expires, the money will go to the state School Aid Fund. It would be the second major prize to go unclaimed in 2019. In January, a $250,000 Powerball prize went unclaimed.

Mega Millions drawings take place each Tuesday and Friday evening. Each Mega Millions play is only $2. For an additional $1 per play, players have the opportunity to add a “Megaplier” that can multiply non-jackpot prizes by up to five times.

Mega Millions tickets for tonight’s drawing may be purchased online at MichiganLottery.com and at the Lottery’s 11,000 retailers around the state until 10:45 p.m. the day of the drawing.

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