Spontaneous purchase wins big!

Michigan Lottery PowerballKristen Martin purchased her winning Powerball ticket on a whim. Not one to typically purchase Lottery tickets, Martin had to enlist the help of the clerks at Goldsworthy’s Inc. to fully understand the rules. After her purchase, Martin set the five tickets aside and forgot about them until the next day.

When Martin told her husband of a dream that she had four winning numbers he reminded her that she had to actually play to win. That is when she revealed that she had bought a few Powerball tickets. She soon found out that a winning Powerball ticket had been sold in Blanchard. As the town rumored over the identity of the lucky winner, Ms. Martin spent the day wondering if it was her.

It wasn’t until later on Thursday evening that Martin received a call from her 19-year-old daughter, who checked her mother’s tickets, telling her that she was the lucky Blanchard winner. Martin had indeed won the $1million match 5 prize in the Powerball drawing.

Martin is going to be conscientious with her new funds, planning responsible choices like paying off bills, and maybe even springing for a new car.

Martin’s winning ticket was purchased from Goldsworthy’s Inc. located at 6993 W Blanchard in Blanchard.

There were over 79,000 Michigan winners, including Martin’s prize, in the May 15 Powerball drawing.

Martin wasn’t the only Michigan resident to hit some luck with Powerball. Paw Paw resident Robin McCarty also won a $1 million match 5 prize on the May 11 drawing.

5.14.13 Powerball $1 million Robin McCarty and husband

Robin McCarty (with her husband) of Paw Paw claiming $1 million from the May 11, 2013, drawing of
Michigan Lottery’s Powerball game.
(Photo Courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.)

McCarty has been playing the same numbers for the last five years and it finally paid off. Her prize winnings from the ticket purchased at Mike’s North 40 Sports Bar and Grill in Paw Paw, are going to be used to set up funds for her grandchildren and investments.

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