Hunch turns into $391,487!

A retiree from Lincoln Park is no stranger to playing the Lottery. In fact he’s had his share of wins, including a $5,000 prize on a Daily 4 number.

However, that doesn’t compare with the prize he won in the March 3rd Fantasy 5Fantasy 5 drawing.

He hit the jackpot for a whopping $391,487, the largest Fantasy 5 jackpot so far this year!

The Lincoln Park man doesn’t usually play Fantasy 5, but was encouraged to do so by the retailer because of the large jackpot. “I bought my usual tickets and then bought five Fantasy 5 tickets,” he said. “As I was walking home, I passed Lincoln Park Fuel and on a hunch bought five more Fantasy 5 Easy Pick tickets.”

What was it like to find out he had won? “I was excited to say the least, discovering something like that,” said the father of two, who prefers to remain anonymous. “I’ve hit pretty good before, but nothing on this scale. I had to read the ticket three or four times.”

The lucky player intends to use his windfall for investments and restoring a classic car. “I will also share some with my family,” he stated.

The winning ticket was sold at Lincoln Park Fuel located at 1312 Fort St. in Lincoln Park.

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