Retirement will be carefree for $1M Powerball winner!

Michigan Lottery PowerballEugene and Nancy Gaspar of Dearborn have had a good life together. In the 56 years they have been married, they worked hard to raise a good family, and served each other faithfully as each of them battled cancer. However, as they traveled down the road of retirement, there was some anxiety: would they have enough resources to make ends meet as they grew older?

Those worries became history on November 28 when the Gaspars won $1,000,000 in the largest Powerball drawing in history, with a jackpot that topped $587 million!

“I was in shock, numb,” said Mr. Gaspar, who recognized his numbers as they came up during the Lottery drawing on TV. The numbers were a compilation of his grandchildren’s birthdates. “We won’t have any money worries in the future,”  he remarked.

When asked how they would spend their newfound wealth, Mrs. Gaspar replied, “I can’t think of anything I really need, we’ve had a good life.” However, the couple agreed that they were going to concentrate on Christmas for their four children and four grandchildren.

“This couldn’t have happened to two better people,” said their daughter Nancy.

The winning ticket was sold at CVS Pharmacy #08035 located at 13250 Ford Rd. in Dearborn.

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