Lottery moves to new TV drawing format

Michigan LotteryThe Michigan Lottery will soon move to a new format for televised drawings.

Beginning October 1, the live drawings will feature an off-camera announcer reading the numbers rather than the Lottery’s longtime drawing personalities Aggie Usedly, Darryl Wood and Beth McLeod.

The televised Daily game drawings will continue to be live, with the same ball machines currently in use. Fantasy 5 and Classic Lotto 47 numbers will be shown on screen, as is now the case. As always, drawings will be monitored and conducted under the supervision of an auditor. Drawings will continue to air at the same times and on the same stations as they do now.

“We thank Aggie, with 35 years with the Lottery, Darryl with 25, and Beth with 15, for their service to the Michigan Lottery. In announcing winning Daily games numbers for a combined 75 years, they have made countless Lottery players happy winners,” said Lottery Deputy Commissioner Tom Weber.

“For years, Aggie, Darryl and Beth have wished good luck for our players and we wish the same for them in the years ahead. Perhaps we will even have the joy of presenting them a winner check!”

Weber said the move is in keeping with the growing trend among lotteries to streamline their drawing processes. The Michigan Lottery will save an estimated $335,000 a year as a result of the change.

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