“Raffle of Riches” offers more than 14,000 prizes!

“Raffle of Riches”, the Michigan Lottery’s newest raffle, will award $7.3 million in prizes to more than 14,000 lucky winners in four separate drawings! Ticket sales for the game will start November 7.

“Raffle of Riches” will feature three drawings for $1 million each on November 30,

December 14, and December 28. In the final drawing on or after January 11, one lucky player will win the $2 million grand prize.  There will also be 10 $10,000 winners and 2,000 people will win $500. Another 12,000 players will each win $100. The earlier a ticket is purchased, the more drawings it will be in.

Only 500,000 tickets will be available for “Raffle of Riches.”  Once ticket number 500,000 has been sold, the game will close and there will be no further opportunities to enter this raffle. Tickets will sell for $20 each.

For more details on “Raffle of Riches”, including bonus drawing dates and deadlines, visit michiganlottery.com

Over 95 cents of every dollar spent on Lottery tickets is returned to the state in the form of contributions to the state School Aid Fund, prizes to players and commissions to retailers. In fiscal year 2011, the contribution to schools was over $717 million. Since its inception in 1972, the Lottery has contributed over $16 billion to education in Michigan


“The Michigan Lottery. All across the state good things happen.”



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