$94,704 Club Keno prize claimed!

LANSING, August 26, 2009 – A very lucky Lottery player claimed a $94,704 prize in the Club Keno add-on game, The Jack!

The winner plans to put some of the money towards bills and a wedding.

The lucky winning ticket was purchased at Town Bar, 119 E. Cortland Ave., in Jackson.

The Jack is an add-on game to Club Keno and gives players a whole new way to win when they play Club Keno .

The Jack is a progressive jackpot that starts at $2,000 and increases after each draw until it is won. The more money players wager on the game, the faster the jackpot grows. Players can expect the jackpot to reach $20,000 and higher daily! The jackpot will continue to grow until someone matches all seven numbers and wins, at which point, the jackpot reverts back to $2,000.

For just $1 extra per wager, Club Keno players will mark the “YES” box in Section 1 of the Club Keno play slip and will then fill in the remaining sections to complete their wager. Seven Easy Pick numbers from 1-80 will be printed on the bottom of their ticket. Players win if they match all seven of their Jack numbers to the Club Keno winning numbers drawn. Should multiple players win The Jack on a single draw, the prize will be split evenly among the winners.

Club Keno offers 37 different ways to play and win. Players can wager $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 or $20 per drawing and tickets can be purchased for up to 60 drawings at a time. Players win Club Keno by matching some or all of the numbers they have selected to the numbers drawn. The more numbers matched, the more the player wins. The Kicker option allows players to multiply their winnings by up to 10 times!

Over 95 cents of every dollar spent on Lottery tickets is returned to the state in the form of contributions to the state School Aid Fund, prizes to players and commissions to retailers. In fiscal year 2008, the contribution to schools was $740.7 million. Since its inception in 1972, the Lottery has contributed more than $15 billion to education in Michigan.

For additional information, please visit the Lottery’s Web site at https://www.michiganlottery.com.

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