Lottery celebrates 35th anniversary with record profits

LANSING, November 13, 2007 – The Michigan Lottery celebrated the 35th anniversary of its first ticket sales today with a record $748.9 million contribution to the School Aid Fund.

With the first 50-cent green ticket sold on Nov. 13, 1972, the Lottery’s mandate of funding public education was under way.  The fiscal 2007 profits of $748.9 million bring the Lottery’s total to schools to over $14.3 billion in 35 years.

In addition to contributing billions of dollars to education, the Lottery has made 775 millionaires, with prize payments totaling $4 billion!  Overall, in 35 years, the Lottery has paid $20.5 billion in prizes and $2.6 billion in retailer commissions!

In addition to the amount to schools in 2007, the Lottery paid $1.32 billion in prizes and $172.7 in retailer commissions, more than any other year in its history.  The 2007 figures represent the fourth consecutive year the Lottery has broken its own financial records.

One hundred percent of the Lottery’s profits, by law, go to the School Aid Fund.

For further information about the Lottery’s history and its contributions to education, go to

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