Third Millionaire Raffle on sale June 25!

LANSING, May 21, 2007 – Michigan’s favorite Lottery game, Millionaire Raffle, is back!  The $20 tickets for the third installment go on sale Monday, June 25 at 6 a.m. 

The third Millionaire Raffle game will sell just 600,000 tickets, the same number sold in the second Millionaire Raffle game, which sold out in less than six days.  The Raffle will feature six prizes of $1 million; 12 prizes of $100,000; and 2,000 prizes of $500 each. Overall odds for winning a Raffle prize are 1:297.

“Given the success of the first two Millionaire Raffle games and the Super Raffle, we anticipate a huge response from our players, who clearly enjoy this type of game,” said Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters.

The Millionaire Raffle drawing could be conducted as early as within seven days of sell out, but will be no later than Monday, July 30, 2007. 

Players with winning tickets of either $1 million or $100,000 will need to contact the Lottery at (517) 373-1237 to schedule an appointment to claim their prize.

Millionaire Raffle tickets will be available at all Michigan Lottery retailers.  Six digit tickets, beginning with 000001, will be issued in numerical order as sales occur across the state.  When ticket number 600,000 is reached, sales will close.  Players will not be able to choose their own numbers and must match the exact number as drawn by the Lottery.

Players will be able to check winning numbers on the Lottery’s Web site at, at Lottery retailers or at Lottery regional offices throughout the state.

All proceeds from the Millionaire Raffle, as well as from all other Lottery games, are contributed to the state School Aid Fund which supports kindergarten through 12th grade public education in Michigan.  In fiscal year 2006, the contribution was $688 million.

For additional information, please visit the Lottery’s Web site at

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