Westland mom wins $200,000

LANSING, May 15, 2007 – A very lucky mom from Westland is going to have a “richer” Mother’s Day this year.  Besides sharing the day with her husband and three children, Shyrll Savolainen is $200,000 richer, thanks to the Lottery’s Mom’s the Word Instant game!

Savolainen is a self described Lottery fanatic.  She works at 7-11 in Westland and often purchases the latest Instant Lottery tickets that come out.  She doesn’t necessarily scratch the tickets right away, as this one sat in her “Lottery purse” for several weeks. 

Even though her husband didn’t initially believe that she had hit it big, he’s going to be the proud owner of a new motorcycle that his wife is going to buy him.  She’s also planning on helping her children and saving her prize money.

The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11, 126 S. John Hix St., in Westland.

Mom’s the Word is just one of many Michigan Lottery Instant tickets available at nearly 11,000 Lottery retailers statewide.

All proceeds from the Lottery are contributed to the state School Aid Fund which supports kindergarten through 12th grade public education in Michigan. In fiscal year 2006, the contribution was $688 million.

For additional information, please visit the Lottery’s Web site at https://www.michiganlottery.com/.

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