Super Raffle may sell out Tuesday!

LANSING, May 7, 2007 – In just over 10 hours more than 84,500 Super Raffle tickets have been sold!

Selling at a pace of nearly 8,000 per hour the game could sell out as early as Tuesday!

Super Raffle tickets are $50 each with two top prizes of $2 million, 25 prizes of $100,000 and 4,500 prizes of $500!

Only 250,000 tickets are available for the game and once the 250,000 tickets are sold out, sales will close.

“The sales are phenomenal!  The pace has definitely exceeded our expectations,” Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters said. 

Although the Super Raffle is expected to be a success, it will not take the place of Millionaire Raffle.  The next Millionaire Raffle game is expected to be launched in the fall.

The Super Raffle drawing will be conducted on June 18 and the two $2 million winning numbers will be displayed during the Lottery’s drawing broadcast that evening.  Players will be able to check all winning numbers at the Lottery’s Web site on, at Lottery retailers or at Lottery regional offices throughout the state.

All proceeds from the Super Raffle, as well as from all other Lottery games, are contributed to the state School Aid Fund which supports kindergarten through 12th grade public education in Michigan.  In fiscal year 2006, the contribution was $688 million.

For additional information, please visit the Lottery’s Web site at

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