Mustang Money offers plenty of muscle for Lottery players!

LANSING, April 24, 2006 – Michigan Lottery players can rev up their engines and take a shot at over $4 million in cash and three brand new convertibles with the new Mustang Money instant ticket.  The $2 ticket is on sale now.

In addition to cars and cash, Mustang Money offers players a chance to win one of 500 prize packs of Ford-branded merchandise in two second chance drawings. 

“Mustang Money is a great opportunity for the Michigan Lottery to show off one of the most popular cars to ever come out of Detroit and at the same time, support our Michigan products,” Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters said.

“With prizes like brand new Mustang convertibles and instant cash up to $25,000, we expect this ticket to race off the shelves!”

Like all Michigan Lottery instant tickets, players can win immediate cash on their Mustang Money tickets.  But two lucky players could instantly win a 2006 Ford Mustang convertible when they scratch their tickets! 

Players who don’t win cash or the car on their tickets can still enter the second chance drawings, which will be May 25 and June 22.  The Mustang Money prize packs contain a leather/wool racing jacket, leather bag, cap, key chain, T-shirt and blanket.  To enter the drawings, players will need to submit three non-winning Mustang Money tickets either through, the Lottery’s VIP club, or the US mail. 

On July 6, a third Mustang convertible will be awarded to one lucky winner, chosen from among the 500 prize pack winners.

Details on how to enter the second chance drawings can be found at or the back of the Mustang Money tickets.

All proceeds from the Lottery are contributed to the state School Aid Fund which supports kindergarten through 12th grade public education in Michigan.  In fiscal year 2005, the contribution was $667.6 million.

For additional information, please visit the Lottery’s Web site at

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