Beware of Mega scam!

LANSING, February 1, 2006 – Michigan Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters is warning of a mail scam which falsely states that the recipient has won a prize in a Mega Millions lottery.

Citizens report receiving a letter that includes the Mega Millions logo and name in numerous references regarding a prize that has been won.  The letter, which includes a bogus check, has no connection whatsoever to the Michigan Lottery or the Mega Millions game.

“Lottery scams appear all too frequently and this one is particularly disturbing because it uses the name and logo of a legitimate game operated by legitimate lotteries in 12 states,” Peters said.  “I urge all people who receive this letter, or any other correspondence from an alleged lottery, to ignore the instructions on it.  These scams are designed to take your money, not give you money.

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