William Pawlak of Detroit Wins Half of Michigan Rolldown Jackpot Prize!

LANSING, July 28, 2003 – William Pawlak of Detroit recently experienced a little Lottery luck upon matching all five numbers in the June 28 Michigan Rolldown drawing, winning half of the $13,446 jackpot and taking home a $6,723 prize!  The other half of the jackpot prize was claimed by Duane Walter of Flint.  The winning numbers for the June 28 drawing were: 11, 15, 17, 25 and 26.

In total for the June 28 drawing, 14,983 winners shared $46,541 in prizes.  In addition to the two jackpot winners, 46 winners matched four numbers to win a $120 prize; 1,580 winners matched three numbers to win a $9 prize; and 13,355 winners matched two numbers to win the $1 prize.

The 76-year-old winner, a retiree from Dana Corporation, purchased the winning ticket at Monroe Mobil, 2731 Monroe St., in Dearborn.

Pawlak, who enjoys spending his free time outdoors and walking his dogs, said he was

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