Lottery Announces Mega Millions "Mega Play" Promotion Players Who Buy Five Wagers Will Get One Free!

LANSING, May 1, 2003 – Everyone likes to get something for free, including Michigan Lottery players!  This month the Lottery is giving players an extra opportunity to win big with its Mega Millions game.

From May 5 to May 23, 2003, the Lottery will be conducting the Mega Millions “Mega Play” promotion. Mega Millions players who purchase a ticket with five wagers or more will get an extra “easy pick” free.  Those players who purchase a 10-panel wager will get two free “easy picks.”  

"The Lottery has conducted similar buy five, get one free promotions with other Lottery games and they are always a big hit with players,” Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters said.  “We expect the Mega Play promotion will be just as popular as past promotions.  Players love the opportunity to become an instant multi-millionaire with a free Michigan Lottery ticket!” 

To play Mega Millions, players first select a total of five numbers from a pool of 52 white ball numbers.  Then, they choose a single number from a pool of 52 Gold Mega Ball numbers.  Or, if players prefer, they can just mark the “easy pick” box on the playslip.  Upon doing that, the computer will randomly select the numbers for the player – for either set of numbers.  Mega Millions offers nine different ways to win, from $2 to the jackpot prize. 

Drawings are conducted twice a week – Tuesday and Friday – at 11:00 p.m., and the cost to play is $1 per wager.  Tickets are available at the more than 7,000 Lottery retailers statewide. 


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