Carol McGuire of Center Line Spells Her Way To Instant Wealth With Lottery's "Cashword" Instant Game!

LANSING, February 19, 2003 – Carol McGuire of Center Line revealed all the right words upon scratching off a Michigan Lottery "Cashword" instant game ticket to reveal a $35,000 top prize!

McGuire, who works as an aide at St. Johns Macomb, purchased the winning ticket at Shoppers Market Center Line, 25225 Van Dyke, in Center Line.

The lucky 59-year-old winner said she scratched off the winning ticket while dining at a restaurant.

"I kept counting the words I had revealed on the ticket over and over to ensure I had actually won," said McGuire. "I am very excited to be a top prize winner!"

McGuire, who said she has been playing Michigan Lottery games for the past 10 years, kept the winning ticket locked in a safe prior to turning it at the Lottery

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