Michigan Lottery Enhances Daily 3 & 4 EXTRA Game! All Winning Tickets Now Pay $50!

LANSING, January 29, 2003 – Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Beginning Tuesday, February 4, 2003, Michigan Lottery Daily 3 & 4 game players will see a welcome enhancement to the Daily 3 & 4 EXTRA game.

The Daily 3 & 4 EXTRA game debuted on May 16, 2002. With EXTRA, Michigan Lottery Daily 3 and 4 game players have the opportunity to experience winning instantly while they wait for their special numbers to be drawn. Players who purchase a Daily 3 or Daily 4 ticket can ask for the EXTRA play for an additional dollar. The three EXTRA numbers for the Daily 3, or four EXTRA numbers for the Daily 4, are randomly chosen and printed at the bottom of the ticket, with a certain prize amount listed underneath each number. Players then win cash prizes instantly by matching the EXTRA numbers that are in the same position as the Daily 3 or Daily 4 numbers that they played for the regular drawings.

In November 2002, the Lottery conducted a survey of EXTRA players to help determine ways to improve the game. Players overwhelmingly told Lottery officials they want to win bigger prizes more frequently. In response to that feedback, the EXTRA prize structure will be changed on February 4. With the new prize structure, every winning ticket will pay $50 instead of the old prize structure where players could win prizes ranging from $2 to $500. As a result of this change, the odds of winning a $50 prize will be much easier – 1 in 80 – versus the 1 in 1,970 odds in the old version of the game.

To accommodate the new prize structure, the way in which EXTRA tickets will win will also change. Every winning ticket will match in only one of the three (Daily 3) or four (Daily 4) columns. There will be no multiple-column matches. In addition, all prize amounts printed under each column, whether there is a match or not, will read "$50."

Daily 3 and 4 game drawings are held twice a day

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