Lucky West Bloomfield Man Wins $18,480 Jackpot Prize In Michigan Rolldown Game!

LANSING, January 21, 2003 – A lucky West Bloomfield man was happy to learn he had matched all five numbers in the December 9 Michigan Rolldown drawing to win an $18,480 jackpot prize! The winning numbers for that drawing were: 3, 12, 25, 30 and 33.

In total for the December 9, 2002 drawing, 20,294 winners shared $63,093 in prizes. In addition to the jackpot winner, 85 winners matched four numbers to win an $89 prize; 2,105 winners matched three numbers to win a $9 prize; and 18,103 winners matched two numbers to win the $1 prize.

The lucky 41-year-old winner, who requested anonymity, learned he held a jackpot-winning ticket after picking up a winning number report from a local Lottery retailer. The jackpot-winning ticket was purchased at Mike

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