Heather Anderson of Detroit Wins $3,850 Prize In Lottery's Change Play Game!

LANSING, January 21, 2003 – Heather Anderson of Detroit never dreamed that a 25-cent Change Play ticket could be worth more than $3,000. A dream became a reality when Anderson purchased a 25-cent wager for the October 28, 2002 Change Play drawing and won a $3,850 prize! She was one of six lucky winners in that particular drawing.

Anderson, 23, purchased the winning ticket at Shoppe & Go Inc., 19854 Woodward Ave., in Detroit.

"My mother checked the winning numbers on my ticket for me," said Anderson. "I was shocked to learn I had won!"

The first Change Play drawing took place on Monday, October 14, 2002 and drawings are held every night just after 9:00 p.m. Change Play allows players to use loose change from any purchase to buy a chance to win thousands of dollars with six guaranteed winners each day. The six winning tickets are randomly selected in a computerized drawing that picks from all the unique wagers placed that day. The six winners share the prize money from that day

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