Eugene Autry of Flint Wins $7,463 Share of Michigan Rolldown Jackpot!

LANSING, September 20, 2002 – Eugene Autry of Flint was shocked to learn he possessed one of the two jackpot-winning tickets sold in the September 11 Michigan Rolldown drawing. Autry matched all five numbers in the September 11 drawing to win a $7,463 share of the jackpot. The winning numbers for that day’s drawing were: 9, 19, 25, 27 and 31.

In total for the September 11 drawing, 15,894 winners shared $50,264 in prizes. In addition to the two jackpot winners, 62 winners matched four numbers to win a $98 prize; 1,679 winners matched three numbers to win a $9 prize; and 14,151 winners matched two numbers to win the $1 prize.

Autry purchased the winning Michigan Rolldown ticket at 7-Eleven 128H, 2501 Flushing Road, in Flint.

"I saw the winning numbers posted at the 7-Eleven where I purchased the ticket a day earlier," Autry said. "When I realized I had matched all five numbers, I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with excitement!"

Autry said he chose his winning number combination based upon the five numbers he used to play in the Lottery’s Cash 5 game. The lucky 64-year-old winner, who enjoys playing Michigan Lottery games and traveling in his free time, said he plans to save his winnings for the future. He added that he kept the winning ticket in his wallet at all times before turning it in at the Lottery’s regional office in Bridgeport.

The first Michigan Rolldown drawing was held on February 28, 2000. Drawings are held six days a week – – Monday through Saturday – – at 7:28 p.m., and the cost to play is $1 per wager. Tickets are available at more than 7,000 Lottery retailers statewide.

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