Michigan Lottery Awaits Identity of Michigan's Newest Multi-Millionaire — $17 Million Jackpot Ticket Sold in Kentwood!

LANSING, September 7, 2002 — The Michigan Lottery is anxiously waiting to hear from the lucky individual holding the $17 million jackpot-winning ticket from the Friday, September 6, 2002 Mega Millions drawing.

The winning Mega Millions "easy pick" ticket was purchased at Mother Hubbard #2, 2871 E. Paris SE, in Kentwood, at 12:59 p.m. on September 6, 2002 for that evening’s Mega Millions drawing. This ticket matched all six winning numbers in Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing: 31, 39, 42, 49, 51 and Gold Mega Ball number 35.

"We are absolutely thrilled that a Michigan resident won the Mega Millions jackpot," Acting Lottery Commissioner James Kipp said. "I am looking forward to awarding the lucky individual holding the winning ticket his or her prize very soon!"

The announced jackpot for the September 6 drawing was $17 million. If the lucky Lottery player who purchased the ticket chooses to receive his or her winnings in one lump-sum payment, he or she will collect approximately $10 million, the present cash value of the jackpot before taxes. If, however, he or she selects annuity payments for his or her jackpot winnings, the winner will collect approximately $653,000 per year, before taxes, for the next 26 years.

In addition to the sole jackpot winner, one other lucky individual in Michigan matched the first five winning numbers in Friday’s drawing, earning him or her a $175,000 prize. That winning ticket was sold at the following Michigan Lottery retailer:

  • Rite Aid Discount Pharmacy #4335, 3020 Van Horn Road, in Trenton (Wayne County)

When the winners of both the jackpot and the $175,000 prize are ready to collect their winnings, they need to contact the Lottery’s Public Relations division at 517-373-1237. Both winners will be required to travel to Lottery headquarters in Lansing to collect their prize winnings.

Michigan Lottery on-line prizes are valid for a period of one year from the draw date. If Michigan Lottery prizes are not claimed within the one-year period, they revert to the state School Aid Fund. In the case of a Mega Millions prize, in which all Mega Millions states have contributed to funding the prize, Michigan’s allotted share of the prize money will be transferred to the School Aid Fund.

For more information about any unclaimed Michigan Lottery prize, players can call (517) 335-5640.

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