Michigan Lottery Daily 3 Game Excitement Will Rise While Waiting for The Red Ball to Fall!

LANSING, August 29, 2002 – Beginning September 2, Daily 3 players will have a second opportunity to win on the same Daily 3 evening draw ticket, thanks to the Daily 3 Red Ball Double Draw promotion!

"The Daily 3 game is one of the most popular games the Lottery offers," Acting Lottery Commissioner James Kipp said. "Lottery players have told us in the past how much they enjoy second-chance promotions and we believe this will be yet another very popular promotion!"

After each regular evening Daily 3 drawing from September 2 through September 21, another drawing will be conducted using a separate machine that contains five white balls and one red ball. When the red ball is selected, the Lottery will draw a second set of Daily 3 numbers, giving players a second chance to win on the same ticket. Prize amounts for winners in the
Red Ball Double Draw are the same as they are for the regular Daily 3 game drawings.

When a white ball is drawn, it will be taken out of the machine and set aside – resulting in one less white ball that could be drawn the next night and an increased chance of drawing the red ball. Double draws will not occur on nights when a white ball is drawn.

Whenever the red ball is drawn, all of the balls will be returned to the machine for the next night’s drawing. Players can watch the live drawings every evening at 7:28 p.m. on their local Lottery network television station.

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