Deborah Rau of Ravenna Is Wild About Lottery's "Wild Time" Instant Game!

LANSING, August 14, 2000 — Deborah Rau of Ravenna went wild with excitement after scratching off a Michigan Lottery “Wild Time” instant ticket to reveal she had won a $30,000 top prize!

The 44-year-old winner purchased the winning ticket at Lemmen Oil Company #207, 13 Randall, in Coopersville.

“I was extremely excited to win,” Rau said. “I was so happy I started crying immediately!”

When not sewing or working on craft projects, Rau said she enjoys playing Michigan Lottery games in her free time. She added that she has been playing Lottery games for the past eight years and her favorites are the Daily 3 & 4 games, and, of course, the instant games.

Prior to turning the winning ticket in at the Lottery

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