Michigan Lottery's Big Game Jackpot Climbs To $45 Million For New Year's Eve Drawing!

LANSING, December 29, 1999 — You could be celebrating the next millennium in style if you had an extra

$45 million in your pocket! Dreams of instant wealth are dancing in the minds of Michigan Lottery players all across the state as the Lottery’s Big Game jackpot sits at an estimated $45 million for the New Year’s Eve (Friday, December 31) drawing.

"While stocking up on food and other necessities for your New Year’s Eve celebration, don’t forget to pick up a Big Game ticket for the New Year’s Eve drawing," said Michigan Lottery Commissioner Don Gilmer. "While January 1, 2000 will likely come and go just like any other year, the $45 million jackpot that one lucky Big Game ticket could bring you would truly be a life-changing event. We’re hoping a Michigan Lottery player gets to experience that feeling Friday night!"

If one winning ticket matches all six numbers and the player has selected Annuity payments, before taxes it would amount roughly to:

    • $1.73 million annually for 26 years; or
    • $33,284 per week; or
    • $4,754 per day!

A player who selects the Cash Option for jackpot winnings would also have a nice payday. The present cash value of the $45 million jackpot is estimated at approximately $21.9 million, before taxes!

The Big Game offers nine ways to win cash prizes from $1 to the jackpot, including a second-tier prize of $150,000 for matching the first five numbers. The other participating Big Game states are Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. To date, six Big Game jackpots have been won by

Michigan Lottery players. Wagers cost $1 each and tickets may be purchased at more than 6,400 Michigan Lottery retailers statewide.

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