Holiday Season Made Merrier After Sandusky Man Wins $100,000 Prize in Michigan Lottery's "Millennium Millions" Instant Game!

LANSING, December 9, 1999 — A Sandusky man and his family could be celebrating their best Christmas ever thanks to the Michigan Lottery! The lucky man, who requested anonymity, was the latest winner to find a $100,000 prize in the Lottery’s "Millennium Millions" instant game!

"I had returned some bottles and cans that I had in my car and decided to buy a couple instant lottery tickets with the extra money," the winner said. "I scratched off the ticket when I got back into my car. My mouth almost dropped to the floor when I saw what I had won! I had to look at the ticket about 15 times before I believed what I was seeing. I immediately ran back into the store to tell the owner my good news."

After he realized that he was actually holding a winning $100,000 ticket, the winner hurried home to share the good news with his family.

"When I got home I told my wife that I won $10,000 on a lottery ticket," he said. "She didn’t believe me and said, ‘You’re lying!’ I said, ‘Yeah, I am — we actually won $100,000!’ She decided to look at the ticket at that point — then she believed me."

The winner, an avid coin collector, said he has been playing Michigan Lottery games for the past five years and he truly enjoys the wide variety of games available. He purchased the winning "Millennium Millions" ticket at Sandusky Party Store, 73 W. Sanilac Road, in Sandusky.

Prior to turning the winning ticket in at Lottery headquarters in Lansing, the winner kept it in a safe at his house. The Sandusky man and his family have already made big plans for their winnings. They said they plan to use part of the money to help out family and friends, buy braces for one of their sons, make a down-payment on a new house and invest the rest.

"You shouldn’t play thinking you are guaranteed to win big," the winner said. "I consider myself to be lucky with the instant games and I really enjoy playing them. I don’t think you should play lottery games if you don’t enjoy them!"

"Millennium Millions" is just one of many Michigan Lottery instant games available at more than 9,300 Michigan Lottery retailers statewide.

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