Lucky Feeling Leads Redford Man To $1.8 Million Lotto Jackpot!

LANSING, September 14, 1999 — A Redford man said he had a "lucky feeling" he was going to win something, and apparently he was right!

The 70-year-old winner was the only Michigan Lottery player to match all six numbers in the Wednesday, September 1 drawing: 33, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 43.

"I just knew something good was going to happen," the winner said. "I went to the store to buy my tickets for Saturday’s Lotto drawing and decided to get a winning number report for Wednesday’s drawing before I bought my tickets. When I looked at the winning number report I knew right then that I had matched all six numbers. I quietly went back to my car, locked the door behind me and drove straight home. My fianc

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