Big Game Jackpot Update! Michigan Lottery's Big Game Jackpot Continues To Expand! Jackpot At $150 Million For Friday's Drawing!

LANSING, March 31, 1999 – The Michigan Lottery’s Big Game jackpot continues its climb into the record books!  The excitement generated by this enormous jackpot is enticing Lottery players throughout the Big Game states to try their luck at becoming a multi-millionaire!  Booming ticket sales have prompted an increase in the expected jackpot for the Friday, April 2 drawing, which now sits at a history-making $150 million!

"Not only has spring fever taken hold of the state this week – jackpot fever has set in as well," said Lottery Commissioner Don Gilmer.  "Lottery players from Detroit to Copper Harbor are all dreaming about what they would do with $150 million!  I truly hope that dream comes true for some lucky Lottery players in Michigan!"

If one winning ticket matches all six numbers and the player has selected Annuity payments, before taxes it would amount roughly to:

  • $5.7 million annually for 26 years; or
  • $110,900 per week; or
  • $15,800 per day!

Since its introduction in January, the Cash Option for The Big Game has become very popular with players, with approximately 70 percent of wagers designating the Cash Option.  If one lucky Cash Option player matches all six winning numbers, he or she will take home a check for approximately $79.4 million, before taxes – the estimated present cash value of the $150 million jackpot!

Big Game tickets are available in Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and Virginia.

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