Big Game Jackpot Update! Michigan Lottery's Big Game Jackpot Continues To Climb! Jackpot At $102 Million For Tonight's Drawing! Jackpot To $97 Million!

LANSING, March 30, 1999 – For the first time in Michigan Lottery history, The Big Game jackpot has grown to over $100 million!  Lottery players throughout the state continue to drive ticket sales upward, and in response the Michigan Lottery is pleased to announce the estimated jackpot for tonight’s drawing has been raised to a record $102 million!

"This is absolutely amazing," said Lottery Commissioner Don Gilmer.  "I am just as excited about this jackpot as our players are!  I’ve got my fingers crossed for a lucky Michigan Lottery player to win the jackpot tonight."

If one winning ticket matches all six numbers and the player has selected Annuity payments, before taxes it would amount roughly to:

  • $3.9 million annually for 26 years; or
  • $75,000 per week; or
  • $10,700 per day!

Since its introduction in January, the Cash Option for The Big Game has become very popular with players, with approximately 70 percent of wagers designating the Cash Option.  If one lucky Cash Option player matches all six winning numbers, he or she will take home a check for approximately $53.9 million, before taxes – the estimated present cash value of the $102 million jackpot!

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