Big Game Jackpot Update! Increased Ticket Sales Prompt Michigan Lottery To Raise Big Game Jackpot To $97 Million!

LANSING, March 29, 1999 – Due to the sharp increase in Big Game ticket sales since the Friday, March 26 drawing, the Michigan Lottery is pleased to announce it has raised the jackpot amount for the Tuesday, March 30 Big Game drawing to a record $97 million!

"This enormous jackpot is really piquing players’ interest," said Michigan Lottery Commissioner Don Gilmer.  "Lottery jackpots of this size are a completely new thing for Michigan Lottery players.  It’s really hard to imagine actually winning that much money!"

If one winning ticket matches all six numbers and the player has selected Annuity payments, before taxes it would amount roughly to:

  • $3.7 million annually for 26 years; or
  • $71,000 per week; or
  • $10,000 per day!

For those players who prefer the Cash Option, the present cash value of the $97 million jackpot is estimated at approximately $51 million, before taxes!

If ticket sales continue at this pace, the Lottery may be looking at yet another jackpot increase before tomorrow night’s drawing.  Watch for a jackpot update Friday morning!

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