Michigan Lottery Players From Southeast Michigan And Toledo, Ohio Win Big With Prizes From $100,000 To $2.7 Million!

LANSING, September 24, 1998 – Lottery players from Novi, Westland and Toledo, Ohio are each a little richer, having recently claimed prizes ranging from $100,000 to $2.7 million!

A 45-year-old school bus driver from Novi matched all six winning numbers – 2, 14, 19, 39, 40 and 42 – in the September 19 Michigan Lotto drawing!  The winner, who requested anonymity, chose the lump-sum cash option payment for her winnings.  She recently came to Michigan Lottery headquarters to collect her one-time prize payment of $2,702,030, the present cash value of that day’s announced $5.2 million jackpot, before taxes.

"I read the winning numbers in the Oakland Press on Sunday and checked my ticket," she said.  "I did a lot of double-takes and said ‘Wait a minute!’  When I realized that I had really won I started crying and shaking.  I called my brother, and he came over to double-check my ticket."

The Novi woman said she plans to share her winnings with her family.  The winning Michigan Lotto "easy pick" ticket was purchased at Lakeview Bait & Liquor, 2206 Novi Road, in Novi.

A 65-year-old Westland man won $100,000 when he matched all five numbers – 6, 19, 30, 31 and 39 – in the Cash 5 drawing on September 21.  The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, said he has been a regular Michigan Lottery player since 1972.  The largest prize he had ever collected prior to this Cash 5 prize was $2,604 in the Daily 4 Game.

"I was watching TV with my wife when we saw the numbers flash across the bottom of the screen," he said.  "When I saw the numbers I said ‘Oh my god, I won!’  Once I verified the numbers with the store, I called several family members to tell them I had won.  My daughter-in-law called us back seven times in one hour because she didn’t believe I had really won."

Prior to visiting Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing to collect his prize, the winner said he hid the winning ticket under his mattress.  "That way," he joked, "if someone wanted to get it, they would have to go through me first."

The Westland man, a retired junior high school teacher, said he plans to share his winnings with his children, make some home repairs and buy a new pair of tennis shoes.  He purchased the winning Cash 5 "easy pick" ticket at Wayne Medicine Mart, 417 S. Wayne Road, in Westland.

A lucky Michigan Lottery player from Toledo, Ohio also collected $100,000 in a Cash 5 drawing – this time on September 15.  The 59-year-old General Motors retiree, who requested anonymity, matched all five winning numbers that day: 5, 6, 30, 32 and 38.

"My wife and I were watching a couple different Detroit television stations specifically to look for the winning numbers," he said.  "We must have gone back and forth three or four times to make sure we had got the numbers right.  I was so stunned that I kept getting them mixed up!"

To other Lottery hopefuls, the man had this advice: "It’s luck, I know it is.  You just have to play responsibly."

The Toledo man said he plans to use part of his winnings to make home improvements and pay off bills.  The winning "easy pick" ticket was purchased at Dougs Party Store, 6721 Whiteford Center Road, in Lambertville.

Michigan Lotto drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday, and Cash 5 drawings are held each weeknight.  The next Michigan Lotto drawing will be conducted Saturday (September 26); the expected jackpot is $2.1 million.  Michigan Lotto and Cash 5 tickets are available at more than 6,400 Michigan Lottery retailers statewide.

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