Three Detroit Residents Each Win Top Lottery Prizes Including A $7,794,317 Lotto Jackpot!

LANSING, February 4, 1998 – January was a joyful month for three lucky Detroit residents who each won a top Michigan Lottery prize!  The biggest winner of all was a 28-year-old Detroit man who collected a Michigan Lotto jackpot worth $7,794,317 after matching all six numbers – 2, 14, 17, 26, 37 and 42 – in the January 28 drawing.

The winner, who requested anonymity, selected the lump-sum cash option for payment.  His prize reflects the present cash value of that day’s announced $15 million jackpot.

"I was watching Channel 7’s ‘start your day’ ticker which showed the Lotto numbers and I double-checked my tickets," said the winner.  "I’m very happy about this!"

A CNC operator with ABC Tool, the winner has been a regular Michigan Lottery player for 10 years.  He plans to use his Lotto winnings to make investments and "have some fun!"

The winning Lotto "easy pick" ticket was purchased at Southland Corp. #27656 (7-Eleven), 28991 Groesbeck Highway, in Roseville.

Also in Detroit, the seven members of the "Appointment 7" lottery club enjoyed their first big win of $100,000 in the Cash 5 drawing on January 30.  That day’s winning numbers were: 1, 8, 15, 27 and 34.

"I was the first one to find out," said the club representative, who requested anonymity.  "Channel 50 showed the winning numbers and I knew right away we had won something.  Then I turned to Channel 4 and they showed the same numbers. I told my wife, and then I called one of the other club members.  She got so excited that I decided to wait until the next morning to tell the rest of the members."

The club members – six women and one man – range in age from 30 to 52.  They have played Lottery games as a club for approximately five years.  The club won on a set of numbers picked by one of the members – each member picks one set of numbers for every Cash 5 drawing.

Club members’ plans for their winnings include purchasing new cars, making home improvements and funding their children’s college expenses.

The winning ticket was purchased at Liquor Plus, 2906 W. Grand Blvd., in Detroit.

Another Detroit woman collected the $100,000 top prize in the Cash 5 drawing on January 2.  That day’s winning numbers were: 3, 14, 24, 27 and 34.

"I heard the drawing results on TV, checked my numbers and told my husband," said the winner.  "He wouldn’t believe me until he read it himself!"

The 73-year-old winner, who requested anonymity, has been a regular Michigan Lottery player for 25 years.  She plans to share her Cash 5 winnings with family and put the rest toward home improvements.

The lucky winner picked her own Cash 5 numbers, saying she selected "one special number and the rest were wild."  The winning ticket was purchased at Kroger #613, 20601 W. Warren St., in Dearborn Heights.

Cash 5 drawings are conducted every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Michigan Lotto drawings are conducted every Wednesday and Saturday with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $2 million.

The Michigan Lottery introduced the lump-sum cash option for the Michigan Lotto game in July 1997.  In the six months since its introduction, cash option has become a popular choice among players – nearly 65 percent of Lotto wagers placed are for lump-sum cash option payment vs. the traditional 25-year annuity payment.

An IRS regulation requires that Michigan Lotto players decide at the time of ticket purchase whether they want the lump-sum cash option or the annuity payment.

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